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Cable Jointing Kits


Sunil Electric Co. (SEC) is into designing, production & supplying of power cable accessories and electrical cable accessories, under the brand name of "Sunseal Cable Jointing Kits (SCJK)" in India & other global markets. It a well established name in the international markets and is mainly known for its quality products and timely delivery.

At SCJK, we lay the greatest emphasis on manufacturing excellence, technological advancement and customer satisfaction. All the jointing kits go through rigorous tests to ensure highest standards of quality and a long life. Be it quality, energy savings or price, Sunseal Cable Jointing Kit ticks all the right boxes; giving you the most trustworthy and high quality cable joints and terminations in the market today.

When you talk about Sunseal, not only are you assured of product excellence, but you also have an access to the most extensive line of innovative and high-quality products. Sunseal Cable Jointing Kits ensure maximum performance wherever reliability, security and safety is vital.

At Sunseal Cable Jointing Kits, we manufacture the following products:
  • LT Indoor Cable Jointing Kits
  • LT Outdoor Cable Jointing Kits
  • LT Straight Through Cable Jointing Kits
  • HT Indoor Cable Jointing Kits
  • HT Outdoor Cable Jointing Kits
  • HT Straight through Cable Jointing Kits
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General Cable  

Raychem RPG (P) Ltd., incorporated in 1989, is a Joint Venture between TE Connectivity, U.S.A. (formerly Tyco Electronics) and RPG Enterprises, India.

With millions of installations throughout the world, Raychem cable terminations are designed for 3 and 4 core polymeric insulated cables with or without armour and 3 and 4-core paper insulated cables, including cables with reduced neutral conductor. The company manufactures heat shrinkable termination systems for paper and polymeric insulated cables up to 33kV. Uniterm is considered to be the Modern Technology Terminations developed at Raychem to meet the latest needs of the Electrical Industry. Raychem's Uniterm Terminations are design to suit the modern compact equipments with less space for cable compartment. A single component replaces three Heat Shrinkable components (non-tracking tubing, stress control tubing, and skirts (only for indoor).

Features and Benefits:
  • High performance termination material
  • Mechanical robustness
  • New varistor stress control system
  • Universal application
  • Compact design
  • Impedance stress control system
  • Compact design
  • Proven anti-tracking, erosion and UV resistant insulating material for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Range taking
  • Few components
  • No shelf life limitation
  • Simple to install, high reliability
  • More economical
  • Suitable for crimp, soldered and mechanical lugs
  • Few components
  • Solutions for all cable constructions
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Yamuna Cable Accessories Pvt. Ltd. (YCAPL) is into designing, producing & supplying, electric cable accessories, power cable accessories up to 66 kV under YDensons Brand in India & other global markets. SEC is not only one of the largest stockiest of the YDensons but also an Authorised Dealer of the brand committed towards continual growth of the company.

YCAPL manufactures cable jointing kits for XLPW/PVC/PILC cables, both for high Voltage and low Voltage. There are wide range of cable jointing kits & systems which can be classified by the way they are applied such as taped type, pre-moulded / push-on / slip-on type, cold application type and heat shrinkable type. For connection of Cable to Switchgear Terminal, Transformer Terminal, Poles etc. termination kits are required. The Heat Shrinkable Termination kits can be Indoor or Outdoor based on actual application. It can also be single core or 3 core / 3.5 core based on cable configuration.

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3M India Limited, the Indian subsidiary of 3M Corporation was established in 1988. 3M has been a steadfast partner in India's progress for over 24 years, committed to solving problems unique to the Indian customer.

The Electrical Solutions portfolio from 3M addresses the wide and varied requirements of power generation, transmission and distribution besides effectively catering to exacting needs of users across the Construction & Maintenance, Electrical & Electronic OEM and Electrical Utility sectors. Every solution holds forth the promise of quality, durability & safety - powered by 3M Innovation.

We deal in following electrical products from 3M:
  • Heat Shrink Terminations & Straight Through kits
  • LT Cable Jointing Kits for 1.1 KV Cables
  • Cold Shrink Straight through & Terminations Kits
  • Push on Terminations & Straight Through Kits
  • Tapex Straight through Jointing Kits
  • Kastex Terminations & Jointing Kits
  • PILC Cable Jointing Kits
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